Riven Paving Slabs

Riven yorkstone paving for home and garden

Riven yorkstone paving slabs are perfect for giving an authentic rustic look to your pavements, patios and gardens. They can be used indoors too to give your kitchen or bathroom an authentic farmhouse look. They’re practical too because they are non-slip and incredibly durable.

A range of colours and sizes

Our riven paving slabs with their natural uneven surface range from dark nutty browns to sandy yellow and greys. They are usually supplied in random sizes with sawn edges, but we can also cut them to set sizes it you prefer. Mixing colours and sizes gives an attractive natural effect, while a uniform size and colour creates a planned, symmetrical look.

Traditional and authentic

Riven Yorkshire stone paving from quarries in West Yorkshire has been the paving stone of choice for centuries in towns and cities in Britain. The yorkstone slabs are created by stone cutters known as ‘delvers’ who use traditional skills. Its naturally rough surface it caused by being hand split, or ‘riven’ from large sandstone blocks. Don’t confuse our genuine quarried yorkstone slabs with manufactured riven paving.