York Stone Flooring

York stone paving slabs can be used for interior flooring projects either smooth sawn york stone or riven york stone paving slabs make for a great flooring material. York stone is a very suitable material for natural stone flooring because of it’s hard wearing properties and wonderful character.

York stone flooring can be made to gauged sizes or random sizes depending on your preference. Random pieces will add more character due to the unique pattern it will create, gauged sizes will be more uniformed in look.

York stone can be used for kitchen, living room and bathroom flooring. If used for your living room floor then maybe you can have a large rug showing the yorkstone to the edges. york stone is porous so should be sealed with a silicon sealer or varnished to stop it getting stained from unwanted spills though some york stone floors are deliberately stained with coffee and tea to give the stone an older look if new sawn york stone is being used

The downside to using yorkstone for your flooring is that it can be very cold in the winter months if you do not have any underfloor heating installed beforehand. It is good to remember that york stone is a very heavy material so you should make sure your floor can hold the weight before opting to use it as flooring. You may have extra costs if the floor needs extra support to hold the weight.

York stone tiles can also be used to compliment the flooring when used in the kitchen or bathroom, york stone tiles can be made the all the same size or in random sizes to give even more character to your wall.

York stone flooring though expensive can add value to any property and is well worth the cost in the long run as it will last more than a life time.  The picture below shows riven random york stone used as kitchen flooring this floor has been varnished to give the stone a darker look bringing out the natural colouring in the york stone.

York Stone Flooring