Yorkstone Crazy Paving

Yorkstone crazy paving is made from broken pieces of sawn yorkstone or riven yorkstone paving. Yorkstone crazy paving is also made from yorkstone paving blocks that are not big enough for making yorkstone paving flags. Yorkstone crazy paving is a cheaper alternative to yorkstone paving.

The riven yorkstone crazy paving is riven in the same way as riven yorkstone paving. It consists of random shapes and sizes that have to be placed together, almost like a jigsaw puzzle. Yorkstone crazy paving can be used to pave large area’s such as a patio or yard and is also used as paving for pathways or the garden. Yorkstone crazy paving can also be used to decorate garden edgings and driveway edgings.

Watch yorkstone crazy paving being riven by a yorkstone delver in a yorkstone quarry, click on the image above to watch the video.

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