Quarrying Big Stone Blocks

Quarrying massive stone blocks with an Excavator in a Yorkstone quarry. The Excavator struggles to move the blocks because they are so big and heavy. The stone blocks are 2-3 meters deep and over 6 meters long and can weigh up to 50 tons. The overburden has to be removed before the ashlar blocks can […]

Quarrying Removing Overburden

Quarrying and removing overburden to get to the stone blocks, the over burden consists of mudstones, clays, soils, shale’s and broken bits of stone large and small. The overburden is removed with a daewoo excavator and Volvo dump truck. The overburden is removed so the stone flagrock and ashlar blocks can be extracted and used […]

Making Natural Paving

Making natural paving direct from the quarry floor. After the mudstone and shale has been removed from the quarry, an excavator removes the surface layer, the laminated layers that can not be used for natural paving. The excavator is not used for removing this layer of natural flagstone blocks because it would damage them. These […]