Making Natural Paving Slabs

Making Natural Paving Slabs the old way in a Yorkstone Quarry. The Delver has to rive the Natural Slabs from the York Stone Quarry bed using only His Delving Hammer, Chisel (Nicker), Wedges (Stringers) and Bar. First the Delver marks a line on the Yorkstone SlabĀ  the Yorkstone Delver then Nicks the Stone Slab along […]

Quarrying Big Stone Blocks

Quarrying massive stone blocks with an Excavator in a Yorkstone quarry. The Excavator struggles to move the blocks because they are so big and heavy. The stone blocks are 2-3 meters deep and over 6 meters long and can weigh up to 50 tons. The overburden has to be removed before the ashlar blocks can […]

Quarrying Removing Overburden

Quarrying and removing overburden to get to the stone blocks, the over burden consists of mudstones, clays, soils, shale’s and broken bits of stone large and small. The overburden is removed with a daewoo excavator and Volvo dump truck. The overburden is removed so the stone flagrock and ashlar blocks can be extracted and used […]

Making Yorkstone Rockery

Making yorkstone rockery with a daewoo excavator in a yorkstone quarry. Watch on as an excavator breaks up the yorkstone blocks and turns them into rockery pieces. The yorkstone rockery stones are made from small yorkstone sandstone blocks that can not be used for sawing or making yorkstone paving. The excavator has a large Jack […]

Quarrying Flagstone Blocks

Quarrying Flagstone Blocks with a Doosan Daewoo Excavator. After the shale and mudstone is cleared from a large enough area in the quarry, the large sandstone flagstone blocks are removed with a Doosan Daewoo Excavator. The stone blocks are then loaded into a Moxy Dump Truck to be taken out of the quarry. The stone […]

Quarrying Mudstone Shale

Quarrying mudstones and shales in a yorkstone quarry. Watch a Doosan Daewoo 340 Excavator,  digging through the shale and mudstone to reach the big sandstone blocks below. The mudstones and Shales are removed from the top of the sandstone blocks in a cleared section/area of the quarry known as a ‘Bearing’. The Doosan Daewoo Excavator […]

Drilling and Breaking Sandstone

Drilling and breaking a yorkstone sandstone block. Watch this video of a large stone block from a yorkstone quarry being drilled and broken in half. The stone block is first drilled using a large pneumatic rock drill, then metal wedges called ‘plug and feathers’ are placed inside the drill holes. One ‘plug’ is placed in between […]