Yorkstone Walling

Yorkstone Walling is used for building projects in Home and Garden, the main types of yorkstone or york stone walling are: pitch faced walling, black faced walling or reclaimed walling, punch faced walling,  dry stone walling or Garden walling and Delph Walling.

Sandy yellow, browns and greys make up the colour range of new yorkstone walling. Over time it will turn first green then dark green to black depending on surrounding environment trees etc.

Pitched Face Walling

Pitched face walling is hand dressed (pitched) and is made from ashlar block, cut into slabs and cropped into small walling size blocks to be pitched. Used to build almost anything from Houses to Garages and Garden walls. Coursed,  same size and random courses usually 140mm face with 100mm bed. Courses range from 75mm to 180mm.

Black Face Walling

Black face walling stone carbon deposits from the industrial mills and road traffic and is black with patches of original sandy colour where weathered. Black face walling stone can be re-produce. Black spray paint is used to copy the effect. Black faced walling stone is also reclaimed from housing and old mill demolitions and used for Restoration and repair Projects.

Dry Stone Walling

Dry stone walling is used all over the Yorkshire countryside and farms and used for garden, patio and driveway walling made from broken pieces off-cuts and small stones and blocks more square and flat than the rockery pieces salvaged from the quarry when quarrying the flagrock and ashlar blocks for yorkstone production.
Dry Stone Walling

Punch Face Walling

Punch face walling a punch chisel is used to chisel the face flat leaving small punch marks in the stone. Some modern stone masons use a small pneumatic air chisel to make the punch face on the stone, some punch face walling is still done by hand with a mallet and punch chisel.

Delph Walling

Delph walling is Natural stone walling made from the small blocks of stone in the quarry, called Delph walling because the original Yorkstone Quarries were called Delph’s or Delfs. Made random or coursed sizes. Delph Walling can be flat faced and pitch faced.