Making Yorkstone Sawn Paving

Yorkstone Sawn Paving

Yorkstone sawn paving has only been available since the introduction and evolution of machinery in yorkstone quarrys, all the yorkstone paving stones that were originally laid in towns and citys was riven naturally before the stone saws were introduced.

See how Yorkstone sawn paving is made from the large ashlar stone blocks that are first sawn on the wellcut primary stone saw with a 2 meter diamond blade that cuts the yorkstone blocks into slices known as  ‘scants’. The scants are then broken off from the stone block and placed on the secondary stone saw where they are cut to the finished sizes and used for  paving or flooring.

To watch more yorkstone paving videos, click on the links below.

Making Riven Yorkstone Paving

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Yorkstone Paving

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