Yorkstone Rockery

Yorkstone rockery or rockery stones are used to create small rockery gardens, large yorkstone rockery pieces can also be used to enhance any garden, often used as garden features or monoliths, even converted into amazing water features.

Small yorkstone rockery is made from the larger blocks of cross bedded stone or broken pieces of ‘ashlar‘ or ‘rag’ blocks. the blocks are usually broken into sizes that can be handled making it easier to place them when making a yorkstone rockery garden.

Large yorkstone rockery pieces can comprise of big blocks of rag or cross bedded sandstone, they are often used for large scale landscaping projects. The large yorkstone rockery blocks are also used as garden features, monoliths and large water features, the blocks can weigh up to 2 tons so plant machinery would be needed when working with large yorkstone rockery pieces.

Yorkstone rockery can be supplied in various colours from rust red and browns and sandy yellow through to greys, expect to get a mixture of these colours when ordering yorkstone rockery for your rockery garden, over time, lichen and moss often grows on yorkstone rockery pieces, combined with the natural weathering, the rockery stones will go theĀ  same colour usually green to black depending on their natural surroundings.

Watch a video of yorkstone rockery pieces being made with an excavator using a large chisel like attachment that breaks up larger pieces of sandstone into yorkstone rockery. Click the link below to see the video.

Making Yorkstone Rockery

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