Making Yorkstone Riven Paving

Making yorkstone riven paving, watch a video of yorkstone riven paving being made, from removing the large yorkstone flagstone blocks from the quarry then breaking down the  stone blocks ready to be diamond sawn, then hand riven (split) into large yorkstone slabs, sawn again into workable sizes then hand riven again down to the individual yorkstone flagstones that are used for paving.

Hand riving yorkstone paving is a skill that is acquired over time, see how the yorkstone delver has to strike the chisel with such force that it penetrates the sedimentary layers that make up the yorkstone paving block. When riving the yorkstone flagstones the delver has to listen to the sound of the stone as it struck with the chisel, if the stone is struck too hard in one place it will snap and render the block useless.

Click on the image above to watch the Making yorkstone riven paving video.

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