Laying Yorkstone Paving

What will the paving be used for? There are a few things to think about first before laying yorkstone paving. If you are planning to drive vehicles on the paved area then the paving slabs should be thicker  (at least 75mm) and you will need a thicker sub-base. For pedestrian traffic thinner slabs will be fine […]

Yorkstone Riven Paving

Yorkstone riven paving also known as yorkstone flags or flagstones are natural paving stones quarried from the Yorkshire area, yorkstone riven paving is a sandstone paving of very high quality. Due to this high quality yorkstone flags have been used as paving in most of the major towns and city’s in the UK. Yorkstone riven […]

Yorkstone Sawn Paving

Making Yorkstone Sawn Paving Sawn yorkstone paving is a stunning natural stone paving made from the best sandstone in the world. Strong and durable sawn yorkstone paving will last a lifetime. Yorkstone sawn paving has a smooth polished or honed surface with a sandy yellow colouring. Yorkstone sawn paving can be used with its natural […]

Making Natural Paving

Making natural paving direct from the quarry floor. After the mudstone and shale has been removed from the quarry, an excavator removes the surface layer, the laminated layers that can not be used for natural paving. The excavator is not used for removing this layer of natural flagstone blocks because it would damage them. These […]

Yorkstone Paving

Yorkstone Paving Yorkstone paving is a natural sandstone paving know for its high quality and versatility. This site separates yorkstone paving into five different sub categories yorkstone riven paving, yorkstone sawn paving, yorkstone reclaimed paving, yorkstone crazy paving and yorkstone paving circles. Yorkstone paving is also know as yorkstone flags, flagstones and yorkstone paving slabs. […]

Making Yorkstone Riven Paving

Making yorkstone riven paving, watch a video of yorkstone riven paving being made, from removing the large yorkstone flagstone blocks from the quarry then breaking down the  stone blocks ready to be diamond sawn, then hand riven (split) into large yorkstone slabs, sawn again into workable sizes then hand riven again down to the individual […]

Making Yorkstone Sawn Paving

Yorkstone Sawn Paving Yorkstone sawn paving has only been available since the introduction and evolution of machinery in yorkstone quarrys, all the yorkstone paving stones that were originally laid in towns and citys was riven naturally before the stone saws were introduced. See how Yorkstone sawn paving is made from the large ashlar stone blocks […]

Yorkstone Reclaimed Paving

Yorkstone reclaimed paving also reclaimed york stone paving or old yorkstone flags are the dark coloured paving slabs found all over the UK, used now in restoration projects and other building projects because of their  strength and character, usually over 100 years old, reclaimed yorkstone paving can be more expensive to purchase than new yorkstone […]

Yorkstone Crazy Paving

Yorkstone crazy paving is made from broken pieces of sawn yorkstone or riven yorkstone paving. Yorkstone crazy paving is also made from yorkstone paving blocks that are not big enough for making yorkstone paving flags. Yorkstone crazy paving is a cheaper alternative to yorkstone paving. The riven yorkstone crazy paving is riven in the same […]