York Stone Flooring

York stone paving slabs can be used for interior flooring projects either smooth sawn york stone or riven york stone paving slabs make for a great flooring material. York stone is a very suitable material for natural stone flooring because of it’s hard wearing properties and wonderful character. York stone flooring can be made to […]

Fossils in York Stone

Fossils are found all the time in york stone quarries. Some are known as calamites and consist of stems of large trees. Most of the fossils found consist of some type of  tree or foliage. The fossils are found in sedimentary yorkshire sandstone used for flagstones and solid ashlar stone used for walling stone, fossils […]

New Stone Saw

New Stone Saw for Diamond Sawn Yorkstone New stone saw for sawing york stone blocks, the saw is made by Wells and has a 2.2 meter diamond tipped blade for making diamond sawn yorkstone. Large york stone blocks are quarried from the yorkstone quarry then placed on the stone saw. The stone saw cuts the […]

Dry Stone Walling

The first picture shows New York Stone Dry Stone Walling. The second picture shows York Stone Dry Stone Walling used around a Garden and Driveway. The Picture on the left shows York Stone Dry Stone Walling Close up and is a mixture of New and Reclaimed Dry Stone Walling. The picture on the right shows […]

Reclaimed York Stone Paving

The first picture shows Reclaimed York Stone Paving laid around a Building. The second picture shows York Stone Reclaimed Paving Flags on a Pallet before they are cleaned and re-palleted ready for sale. The picture on the left shows Reclaimed York Stone Paving Palletized and Wrapped ready for sale. The picture on the right shows […]

Quarrying Ashlar Blocks

The first picture shows large Ashlar Stone Blocks in the Quarry with Shale And Flagrock layers in the background. The second picture shows an Excavator removing the Ashlar Blocks with bigger Blocks to the left. The picture on the left shows the massive length of the York Stone blocks when they are Quarried, they can […]

Quarrying Flagrock

The first picture on the left shows a Daewoo Excavator on the first Flagrock or Flag Block layer in the Quarry, the background shows the mudstones layer. The picture on the right is a close up of a layer of Flagstone slab lifted by the excavator. Picture on the left is another close up of […]

Yorkstone Quarry

Pictures from a Yorkstone Quarry, the first picture shows all the Sedimentary layers that make up the quarry with the Ashlar Block right at the bottom. The second picture shows a Komatsu Dozer clearing the top layers of mudstones, shale and clay from the York Stone Quarry. The picture on the left shows the bottom […]

Working the Flagstone

Breaking a Yorkstone Flagstone Paving Block            Working in the quarry Yorkstone Paving Blocks ready for Riving/Splitting    Working Flagstones in the quarry

Sedimentary Sandstone Layers

Sedimentary Layers with Iron Oxide colourings         A close up of Sedimentary Sandstone Layers Sedimentary Sandstone in a Yorkshire Quarry            Sedimentary Yorkstone Sandstone Blocks