Making Yorkstone Rockery

Making yorkstone rockery with a daewoo excavator in a yorkstone quarry. Watch on as an excavator breaks up the yorkstone blocks and turns them into rockery pieces. The yorkstone rockery stones are made from small yorkstone sandstone blocks that can not be used for sawing or making yorkstone paving. The excavator has a large Jack […]

Working the Flagstone

Breaking a Yorkstone Flagstone Paving Block            Working in the quarry Yorkstone Paving Blocks ready for Riving/Splitting    Working Flagstones in the quarry

Sedimentary Sandstone Layers

Sedimentary Layers with Iron Oxide colourings         A close up of Sedimentary Sandstone Layers Sedimentary Sandstone in a Yorkshire Quarry            Sedimentary Yorkstone Sandstone Blocks

Yorkstone Images Gallery 1

Images of yorkstone paving, yorkstone flagstone and other yorkstone and Quarry related subjects. To see each picture in a bigger format, click on the image. More pictures will be added Daily.

Quarrying Flagstone Blocks

Quarrying Flagstone Blocks with a Doosan Daewoo Excavator. After the shale and mudstone is cleared from a large enough area in the quarry, the large sandstone flagstone blocks are removed with a Doosan Daewoo Excavator. The stone blocks are then loaded into a Moxy Dump Truck to be taken out of the quarry. The stone […]

Making Yorkstone Riven Paving

Making yorkstone riven paving, watch a video of yorkstone riven paving being made, from removing the large yorkstone flagstone blocks from the quarry then breaking down the  stone blocks ready to be diamond sawn, then hand riven (split) into large yorkstone slabs, sawn again into workable sizes then hand riven again down to the individual […]

Quarrying Mudstone Shale

Quarrying mudstones and shales in a yorkstone quarry. Watch a Doosan Daewoo 340 Excavator,  digging through the shale and mudstone to reach the big sandstone blocks below. The mudstones and Shales are removed from the top of the sandstone blocks in a cleared section/area of the quarry known as a ‘Bearing’. The Doosan Daewoo Excavator […]

Drilling and Breaking Sandstone

Drilling and breaking a yorkstone sandstone block. Watch this video of a large stone block from a yorkstone quarry being drilled and broken in half. The stone block is first drilled using a large pneumatic rock drill, then metal wedges called ‘plug and feathers’ are placed inside the drill holes. One ‘plug’ is placed in between […]

Making Yorkstone Sawn Paving

Yorkstone Sawn Paving Yorkstone sawn paving has only been available since the introduction and evolution of machinery in yorkstone quarrys, all the yorkstone paving stones that were originally laid in towns and citys was riven naturally before the stone saws were introduced. See how Yorkstone sawn paving is made from the large ashlar stone blocks […]

Yorkstone History

Yorkstone has been quarried since the 1400’s and in the 18th and 19th centuries a very large industry developed exploiting the sandstones (Yorkstone) of the Millstone Grit ‘Namurian’ and the coal measures ‘westphalian’ for Masonry, Flagstones and for Roofing know locally as thackstones or Grey Slate. The Yorkstone Quarries or Delves first worked the outcrop […]